UFO Evidence in the Age of Information: Why Isn't There More?

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There has been a lot of talk on paranormal podcasts and television shows lately speculating about how UFO research might be impacted by more and more people having cameras and video recording devices on them in the form of cell phones.  "Believers" think that it is inevitable that the amount of solid UFO evidence will increase as the technology becomes more refined.  Skeptics say that the fact that everyone has a camera and we still don't have any "undeniable" evidence of something that cannot be from this planet is further proof that there are no UFOs that cannot be explained by known phenomena.

I think the issue is less black-and-white than either of those statements.  As our technology advances, we are more willing to accept things that we don't understand.  I basically have no idea how any of the electronics I own work.  I don't know anything about my car except how to put gas in it and that I should change the oil occasionally. 

This acceptance of things that I don't understand makes it less likely that I will be puzzled by something in the sky that I cannot explain.  I don't know the regulations of the FAA when it comes to lights on aircraft.  I am not up to date on the latest in aeronautic technology.  If I see a light in the sky that I have never seen before, I'll figure it's an airplane or helicoptor and not think twice about it.  A couple of nights ago, I saw a solid red light floating in the air.  It wasn't blinking, which I thought was strange, but what do I know?  

My point is this: even though people have a greater ability now than at any time in history to capture an image of what they are looking at at any given time, they are also less willing to think that something they don't understand is something truly strange.  Why should we expect that people will take pictures of any light in the sky they can't immediately identify?  

Anyway, those are my thoughts for the evening.  Anyone have any thoughts on the subject?

Posted by NotMike - Updated: Saturday, July 7, 2012

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