Voodoo Curse Backfires and Puts Man in Prison

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To avoid divorce and paying alimony, Raymond Bradshaw Jr.,64, turned to voodoo. Bradshaw at first wanted to change his wife's mind. He wanted to stay with her. He wanted her to live. But once she couldn't be convinced, he wanted her dead.

His first attempts of voodoo involved candles and writing "make her stay" or "make her love me." on sheets of paper. This didn’t succeed. He then burned paper in his backyard and scattered the ashes while chanting. When his attempts failed, Bradshaw sought out a professional. He paid a voodoo priest $500 to kill her with his magic. This also failed.

Eventually, Bradshaw went for a more hands-on approach and offered his nephew $2500 to shoot his wife. His nephew immediately notified his mother whom called the police. Bradshaw was then arrested. He plead guilty to one felony count of solicitation of murder and is now in prison serving 4 years.

Source: The Washington Post

Posted by admin - Updated: Thursday, March 28, 2013

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