Sinister is F'ing Scary

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Sinister is scary. I don't know. Maybe the timing was right, but I got creeped out. Most of the time I watch horror movies either in my garage bar or in my basement with the lights off. I watched this one in my basement and was pleasantly surprised by how much I was creeped out. My basement is definitely the better option if I want to freak myself out.

The basic plot revolves around Ellison Oswalt (Ethan Hawke), a crime writer, that is trying to claim some of the success he had with his previous book, Kentucky Blood. He investigates horrific crimes and tries to discover the details that the authorities won't share and then writes books about them. So anyway, he moves into a new house, which of course, is where the crime he is currently researching took place. He stumbles across a box of old 8mm film in the attic with "Home Movies" written on it. Naturally, he watches them. The films include footage from a handful of gruesome family murders, including the crime he is currently writing about. All of the films have two things in common: One, there is a child missing in each of the films. And two, you don't see the killer. Are the children the murderers? Are they recording the films? Were they already killed and disposed of during a different murder? Well, you will to watch the movie to figure it out.

So that is creepy, but the kicker is the "boogeyman" that starts to show up after Oswalt re-watches the films multiple times and examines them closely. It is the same face in every film and these films span 60 some years. Soon, paranoia sets in and he starts drinking too much. He starts hearing and seeing things. Are the sounds and things he is seeing in his head? Or is something more sinister happening? Let me know your thoughts and if you have seen the flick.

Posted by admin - Created: Friday, February 3, 2017

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