The Caller (2011) [review]

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While struggling with life after divorce, Mary Kee is haunted by phone calls from a woman that claims to be from the past.  At first the calls are simply a nuisance, but once Mary tries to ignore the woman things get more complicated. 

Mary's life and sanity soon become threatened as everything begins to unwind. The only thing that seems to be going her way is the relationship between her and John, a professor at the college she is attending, but even that is threatened. Not only are things changing within her apartment, but people are now disappearing along with everyone else's memory of them. It appears that the old lady is controlling everything in Mary's life. 

With a compelling performance by Rachelle Lefevre (Mary) and a good storyline, this movie is great. Although slower at the beginning, the latter half is crazy suspenseful and intense. The originality and cleverness of the movie isn't realized until the end, but it is worth it. 

Posted by admin - Updated: Thursday, January 31, 2013

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